Hi, Everyone.  Share My Year started on 1st January 2016 as a vlog channel on Youtube.  I realised that so much of my year passed me by.  When I look back I can’t always remember all of the things that I get up to. I decided that vlogging some of it might be a instantly mix bitcoins  really good way of recording those moments to look back on.  I had two goals initially – to log my activities of 2016 so that I could reminisce in my golden years.  Secondly, to improve my understanding of film-making and learn the intricacies of promoting on Youtube.

I’m the kind of person who likes to learn and always asks questions. I work in digital marketing and so all things digital and social media interest me, this was a perfect match. Really, it was a great excuse to watch hours (and hours) of footage on Youtube! I quickly found a number of channels that I enjoyed and I subscribed for inspiration and entertainment. I really enjoyed watching Youtube channels such as Casey Neistat’s daily vlog.  It’s a bit like tuning into your favourite TV show and I really like his vlogging style.

Share My Year - SimonShare My Year on Youtube

My first vlog went live and it was me, sat on my sofa, talking directly to the camera with no cuts and no post production.  So just me, uncut.  As of today that video has had more than 100 views.  Certainly, nothing to break any records, yet that many people who I likely don’t know and will likely never meet, have taken time out of their day to watch me talking about whatever was on my mind at that time.

Later that month my first real vlog went live where I had recorded what I had been up to and attempted to edit together into some kind of viewable montage.  It was filmed purely on my iPhone and mostly featured me walking the dog.

As time went on I decided to invest a little to increase the production value.  I bought myself a DSLR camera (and vlogged it of course), a decent tripod etc.  With all of the financial investment, I then needed to ensure I committed enough time to filming content and then editing together.  It was all becoming a lot more difficult that I originally thought it might be.

In February 2016 I quit my job (not to make Youtube videos) this become an important point for me.  Whilst on gardening leave I had more time available to film and more time to learn how to edit.  I took this opportunity to discuss my departure from my job in a vlog, which I then posted on LinkedIn.  This vlog became one of my highest viewed in my early days and actually resulted in a few jobs offers too!

The evolution of Share My Year

As time has gone on, I’ve continued to film.  I’ve experienced a few lulls where my circumstances have not really led to content opportunities and also as I progressed with my employment I invested in a new iMac and added on FinalCutPro which has been a bit of a curve as far as understanding how it works.

Now I’ve decided to pump things up again. I’m hoping that being able to blog as well as vlog might offer some more creative freedom.  Sometimes a vlog isn’t the best option.  Expect this blog to evolve over time as I learn more about using WordPress, I always welcome constructive criticism too so feel free to get in touch.  I have a lot more planned for Share My Year in 2017.  I’d love it if you came along for the ride.

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