Dollar Shave Club – Full review of the Dollar Shave club

This is the third of my shave plan review blogs, having previously tested Harry’s shave plan and Cornerstone products. On this occasion, I will be testing the flash loan attack history Dollar Shave Club (DSC). I’ve been aware of the Dollar Shave Club brand for a while. As the name might suggest, DSC originates from America, now operating in the UK.

Signing up for Dollar Shave Club

I ordered my trial kit back in May, which cost £5. It was just under a week between my order being placed and it arriving on my doormat. Unlike with some of the brands I have seen and tested, Dollar Shave Club is a bit more of a ‘no-frills’ kind of brand. In the ‘starter set’, you get a razor handle, 4 blades and the Dollar Shave Club ‘shaving butter’.

First Impressions

The packaging is basic but effective – much like the razor handle which is also basic, but functional. It is a 6 blade razor head with 5 blades on the front and a trimmer at the top. The shave butter is nice, with a subtle scent and aided a good shave.

Dollar Shave Club trial kit

For my first test, I had not shaved my face for a few days. Dollar Shave Club offered a better first shave than on Cornerstone in similar conditions. There was much less work to do after a shower to ‘finish’ the shave. The razor head did block a little but was easily cleared by rinsing the rear of the blade under the shower head.

A big feature for me on modern razor blades is the trimmer. If the design is poor, you risk removing too much hair or leaving an uneven line. With Dollar Shave Club the trimmer is as you would want, despite the blade being a little fatter.

Post Shave

As I tend to shave my face when in the shower, I can’t see what I’m doing and have to go by feel. You only get a true idea of how good the razor (and you) were by looking in the mirror afterward. With DSC there was very little extra work required. The trimmer effectively shaved the area just under my nose, as well as the sideburns. I found very few missed areas on my face and neck, certainly nothing I would blame on the razor.

You can purchase a post-shave dew as well as a post-shave cream. I didn’t have either of these on this occasion but I may test in the future. Trial versions of the post-shave dew, prep scrub and shave butter are available in a pack for £5.


After signing up for Dollar Shave Club, the ongoing monthly shave plan cost depends on your needs. The “Executive” pack is 4 razor blade cartridges per month, at a cost of £8 for the same blades as the trial pack (£2 each). For £6 per month, you can receive 4 razor cartridges but they only have 4 blades and from what I can understand, no trimmer (£1.50 each). Finally, at £1 per month plus £2 p&p, you get five of the basic range which has 2 blades per razor head (£1.66 each).

Dollar Shave Club razor blades

Final thoughts

I must admit, I was a little disappointed by the price. Dollar Shave Club has cleverly sent their premium product for the test and I would argue that it does not directly compare to their competitors. With Harry’s, you pay less, but the razor cartridges have one less blade. At the same time, there is more of a premium feel about Harry’s. There’s not a like for like product in the range and I’m not sure you’d really know the difference between 5 blades and 6 when you shaved.

The Dollar Shave Club product is good. Had I not tested others, I would be more impressed than I am. The razor is simple and effective, as you would want. The shave butter is pretty good and you don’t need a lot, so it lasts.

Unfortunately, the thing that annoys me when it comes down to it, is the pricing. We’re not talking hundreds of pounds here, but for a product that presents itself as no-frills – it prices itself a little higher than that in my opinion.

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