Ready Player One with Sky VIP review

It’s a little while since I attended a preview at the cinema. I like to write a little review when I’ve been, so here we go. Sky VIP recently gave me the chance to attend my local Odeon for a preview screening for the new movie Ready Player One. I was really interested to see that as several months ago I watched a Casey Neistat vlog where he spoke about it. In fairness, he did advise that we read the book, but I was lazy.

Ready Player One – a review of the movie

I was actually offered the opportunity to see this movie via two different sources, so this made me think that the movie is going to be popular. As I mentioned, Casey Neistat spoke highly of the book (which I never got around to reading) so I jumped at the chance to go and see it before it was released. The fact it cost nothing is always a bonus.

The first thing worth mentioning, which again I didn’t know before I got to the cinema – it’s directed by Steven Spielberg. This automatically says to me that the film ‘should’ be good.

If you have also not read the book, let me set the scene. Ready Player One is set in 2045, where whilst people reside on Earth – they really live, in virtual reality. When the creator of the “Oasis” died, he chose to leave the keys to his virtual kingdom to the winner of a video game. Contestants take part in challenges, hoping to win keys and clues to the next challenge. The ultimate winner will collect a digital Easter egg and with it, become the owner of Oasis and frankly the richest person on the planet.


Whilst the Ready Player One storyline is engaging, for the most part, the best features for me were the regular retro references. Whilst the lead character Wade Watts or “Parcival” galavants around the virtual universe his backdrop is regularly dotted with nods to retro video games. All of that is supplemented with a soundtrack from the man behind Back to the Future and it’s hard not to notice. If you’re not distracted by King Kong, the Delorean, Batman or Sonic the Hedgehog, then maybe Wild Boys by Duran Duran or Atomic from Blondie will do the trick.

Keeps your senses on alert

There was always something happening on the screen to keep you alert. I feel like my eyeballs didn’t rest for the whole film. The audio is the same, with subtle drops of Back to the Future for example. It does become a little bit of a challenge to try and capture everything that is going on. There is one scene where the Delorean is racing away from Godzilla and King Kong, sensory overload.

The film drifts in and out

All of the things I mentioned above are cool (to me anyway). The main issue I had with Ready Player One is that I often found these things distracting. I wonder if the film might have been better if it was a 15 certificate (it’s a 12a). I’m not pushing for gore and swearing, but there were obvious parts of the film where something didn’t happen because it was a 12a. The end is a prime example of this for me. I don’t want to give away the plot but when your main bad guy decides to not kill the hero because he is asked not to…

Ready Player One is parked right in the Hunger Games/Harry Potter genre. That’s not really my bag I am afraid. Of course, I might have known this had I read the book before attending the screening, but I like to judge the films on what I see.

Will it be a success?

There enough key ingredients to ensure the film does “ok” at the box office, although I don’t know who would be targeted to come and watch it. There is clearly a storyline that will appeal to children. Maybe the retro features are there to appease the parents who have to take them along. If you are a proper retro gaming fanatic, you might enjoy the nostalgia. Whether you could say the same for the film itself is a different matter.

Having Spielberg on board is big. There are also a number of well know actors surrounding the lesser known ones. T.J Miller (Deadpool) plays a good hired good and Simon Pegg makes regular appearances too.


If you are a Sky customer and not signed up to their VIP offer, you should do it, today! Sky VIP rewards Sky customers with free stuff! You can attend previews, access to a backstage bar at the O2, free sports tickets and much more.

I recently attended a concert at the O2 and used the backstage bar to hang out away from the hustle. The even let me have a head massage when I was there. Some of my friends have had free tickets to various football matches too. There really is something for everyone. You’ll get an email each week suggesting you login in to check the latest offers. From here it’s just a couple of clicks to enter the competition or apply for tickets.

As the saying goes, you “don’t get something for nothing”. Technically this is true as you have to pay for Sky to get this, or do you? If you have a parent who has Sky, why not “borrow” their VIP status.

Ready Player One is in cinemas in the UK as of 30th March 2018. You can check out the official trailer below. Check out some of my other reviews for the likes of  “The Big Sick” and “Baby Driver

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