ShaveKit – Full test and review of the ShaveKit shave plan

In the latest of my razor shave plan subscription reviews, I’m testing ShaveKit. Formed 5 years ago, ShaveKit is based in the UK although they use razor blades that are created in America. If’ you’re already familiar with ShaveKit and seeking an alternative, why not check out my previous reviews of Harry’s, Cornerstone and Dollar Shave Club.

Signing up for ShaveKit

I placed my order for the ShaveKit trial pack in early August, the process was pretty simple. ShaveKit is the cheapest of the shaving kit trials that I have tested so far at only 50p. That said, for 50p you don’t get very much. One observation during the sign-up process was that it’s not simple to cancel. As I am only testing these products, I always look to cancel after paying for the trial. With previous tests, you can normally complete this process via the website. ShaveKit prefers that you email them in order to cancel, they did, however, cancel my subscription the next working day.

First impressions

If I were, to sum up my first impressions in one word, it would be basic. In my review of Dollar Shave Club, I mentioned that the packaging was basic, ShaveKit takes that to another level. You get one razor blade cartridge, a handle, some literature and it’s all packed inside a cardboard envelope. For 50p, I guess I shouldn’t complain. The handle is functional and features the ShaveKit logo on it. It’s not uncomfortable to use, but at the same time, not comfortable either.

ShaveKit trial pack


The Shave

I’ll keep it succinct, the shave was poor. Each time I used it, a lot of my face was missed, even in post-shave. It worked better on the larger flat surfaces like your cheek. When I tried my neck or around the mouth, it was bad. Really bad.

The lubrication strip was too large in my opinion. The first use flooded my face with lubricant, which is why I first felt that the shave might have been bad. It was not quite as slimy the second time around, but still a little over the top for me. I have a reviewed a few of the shaving kit brands now and none of them had this issue as much as ShaveKit.

ShaveKit razor

The Cost

If you go with the 5 blade ShaveKit subscription, it will cost you £8.95 per month for 4 razor blade cartridges (£2.24 each). The 3 blade shave plan is £6.95, again for four razor blade heads (£1.74 each).

So where does this leave us with regards to the competition? Not quite the worst, but we’re talking a difference of few pence. As it happens, the most expensive of the shaving kit plans I have reviewed prior to now is the one that was ranked the worst, Cornerstone. The makers of Cornerstone can breathe a sigh of relief, for they are no longer the worst.

Final Thoughts

I write these reviews to hopefully provide some insight to those looking for a shaving subscription plan. With that in mind, don’t use ShaveKit. It’s the worst shave I have experienced so far, with the least value for money. I could write more words to express my disapproval, but it’s really not worth my time – and neither is ShaveKit.

More reviews will follow soon, be sure to check out my recent posts so that you can make an informed choice.

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